If you’ve read our Dubai speed limiter buying guide, you’re probably aware of how to buy the speed limiter. However, in this post, we’ll talk about the speed limiter installation in Dubai. 

We’ll discuss whether you need a speed limiter, the RTA-approved speed limiter, its installation cost, and whether you can install it yourself. 

What is the RTA-approved speed limiter? 

The speed limiter approved by the RTA is the DAS:86. This device can be installed on all road vehicles and is connected to the car’s speed sensor.

The speed-limiting effect is achieved by detecting the vehicle’s speed. Once the speed limit is reached, the speed limiter will send information to the car’s computer, which in return limits the amount of fuel reaching the engine. That’s why further pressing on the gas pedal still yields no extra speed. 

Do I need a speed limiter?

The definite answer is yes. Not only do you need one for everyone’s safety, but you need one to avoid being fined. Furthermore, all commercial vehicles in Dubai must be fitted with a speed limiter by law. Finally, a speed limiter can prolong a vehicle’s life-span.

If a commercial vehicle is caught in Dubai not having a speed limiter installed, the driver will receive a fine that can reach AED 5,000. 

Speed limiter installation in Dubai: Can I install a speed limiter on my own?

You can install a speed limiter on your own, but unless you know your way around car wiring, we don’t recommend trying to install it without the help of a professional.

Adding a speed limiter to your vehicle is a complicated process. It involves resetting the speed-controlling systems of your vehicle which are the fueling system, the wiring system, and the computer.

The speed limiter is then installed within the wiring system and the car is tested by special computers to check for any errors. 

Further, only the RTA-approved service centers are allowed to install speed limiters, as these centers have certified technicians qualified to get the job done. 

Speed limiter installation in Dubai and cost

You should expect to pay anywhere between AED 1,500 to AED 3,000 to install a speed limiter in Dubai.

Installing a speed limiter in Dubai depends on your car’s model, wiring, and size. Normally, the type of limiter controls the cost as well, but since everyone in Dubai will be installing the same speed limiter, we took that one out of the formula.

As for the installation procedure, it goes as follows:

The verdict

The installation of a speed limiter is mandatory in Dubai if own a commercial vehicle or if you want to minimize the chances of receiving a speeding fine.

Once you get your hands on the DAS:86 (the RTA-approved speed limiter), all you have to do is to have it installed by a professional.

Speed limiter installation in Dubai and Classic Cars A to Z

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