Tired of speeding tickets? We all are. This is one of the few disadvantages that comes with living in the super advanced metropolitan of Dubai. Your not seeing the speed limit sign will not save you from these stringent rules that take a hefty toll on your wallet. But wait. There’s a solution. You can install a device on your vehicle that will prevent you from accumulating all these fines. Here’s everything you need to know about speed limiter Dubai.

Speed limiter Dubai

Speed limiters are a legal requirement for commercial vehicles in the UAE as per RTA (Road and Traffic Authority) regulations. With the annual deaths caused by car accidents rapidly decreasing with every year, measures to further control and decrease roadside fatalities is a welcome change to all of the residents of the UAE.


What is a speed limiter?

A vehicle speed limiter, also known as a speed governor, is a safety feature designed to restrict the maximum speed at which a vehicle can travel. It is commonly used in commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and vans, as well as certain passenger cars. The purpose of a speed limiter is to promote road safety, prevent accidents, and abide by speed limits.


How speed limiters work

Speed limiters will cap off a vehicle’s speed to the limit it was set to. A vehicle with a functioning speed limiter will not exceed this speed limit unless measures are taken to forcibly exceed it. In most cases this measure means pressing the accelerator pedal all the way to the ground. But it is important to note that not all speed limiters have this functionality. Some speed limiters permanently limit the speed of a vehicle to a set number. With other speed limiters, the vehicle will have a button that can be used to switch off the speed limiter. Good speed limiters will allow you to increase or decrease your speed limit on-the go and while you are driving.

Some advanced speed limiters function by reading the signs on the street through smart camera technology and keep track of what the current speed limit is through that. GPS tracking and smart data is also used to pinpoint where a vehicle is and what the current speed limit of that lane is.

Essentially, a speed limiter works by electronically monitoring the vehicle’s speed and intervening when it reaches a predetermined threshold. When the vehicle’s speed reaches or exceeds the set limit, the speed limiter takes action to restrict the engine’s power output, preventing the vehicle from accelerating beyond the predetermined speed.

This restriction can be achieved in different ways depending on the vehicle’s technology. For instance, in gasoline-powered vehicles, the limiter may reduce the amount of fuel delivered to the engine, while in vehicles with electronic throttle control, it may adjust the throttle opening. In some cases, the limiter may also apply the vehicle’s brakes to maintain the speed within the set limit.

What are the speed limiters available in Dubai

Almost all kinds of speed limiters can be found in Dubai. Dubai’s fast growing automotive sector provides a very competitive vehicle parts industry that imports goods from far and wide and leaves no stone unturned. Continue reading to discover the different kinds of speed limiters.

The different kinds of speed limiters

Electronic speed limiters – Drive by Wire (DBW)

With electronic speed limiters (or DBW), once the speed limit is reached, the speed limiter’s sensor sends a signal to its sister device (the Electronic Control Unit or ECU) which signals the Engine Control Module or (EGM)  to regulate fuel consumption which results in a vehicle’s speed being limited. This kind of speed limiter is used on cars with electric accelerator paddles, which basically constitute modern cars.

Mechanical based speed limiters – Drive by Valve (DBV)

Older vehicles that use mechanical accelerator paddles, will use a Drive by Valve speed limiter. This kind of speed limiter has an extra component called the Fuel Control Unit or (FCU). Once the speed sensor sends a signal to the ECU, the ECU triggers the FCU to regulate fuel consumption in the vehicle’s engine. The FCU has two ways of functioning: Either through a manual bypass screw that limits engine speed permanently, or through receiving a signal from the ECU which makes it control the speed at set occasions. 


Terrain based Dual Speed limiters

The terrain based speed limiter has two speed limits: A speed limit for each terrain kind. A vehicle’s vibration and motion is detected through sensors and then the speed limiter determines the speed limit accordingly. This kind of speed limiter is great for maintaining the health of commercial or rental vehicles that would otherwise be driven recklessly by non-owners.

Integrated Speed Limiters

Integrated speed limiters use GPS and a server system to control the speed of a car (or cars) based on a specific geographic location. For example, setting a higher speed limit for vehicle speeds on highways than on city inner roads, and a separate speed limit for main roads. 

Custom Speed Limiters

A custom speed limiter can be an amalgamation of two or more of the above speed limiter types. From terrain control, to GPS based speed limits, and even more.

Speed limiter certificate

The RTA requires that each vehicle that was fitted with a speed limiter, present a speed limiter certificate, and for this certificate be renewed every year. Therefore companies in the trade of speed limiters need to provide their customers with a certificate for each speed limiter installed and a subsequent car inspection post installation. This certificate includes everything from the speed limiters brand, the set speed limit, and even the phone number of the responsible party.

Is there a speed limit buffer in Dubai?

The speed limit buffer in Dubai is 20 km/hr more than what the current speed limit is. What this essentially means is that drivers can exceed the speed limit by 20 km/hr before incurring a fine. All emirates have this buffer save for Abu Dhabi.

Do cars come with their own speed limiter?

Not to be confused with cruise control, some vehicles come with a built in speed limiter that will allow you to easily select your speed limit. Other more economic vehicles will require that you pay extra for a speed limiter option. The majority of vehicles however come with sub-par speed limiters that are intended to keep vehicles from reaching extremely high speeds.

Watch this video to see how BMW’s built in speed limiter works.

The benefits of speed limiters

The primary objective of speed limiters is to improve road safety. By preventing vehicles from exceeding certain speeds, they help to reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed, particularly in areas with speed restrictions, such as urban zones or construction sites. Speed limiters also promote fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle wear and tear, as driving within a controlled speed range can optimize engine performance and reduce the likelihood of aggressive driving behaviors. But more important than all else, speed limiters will reduce the number of fines you will incur on the streets of Dubai.

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