Those who live in Dubai know that appearances matter, and your car is one of the major first impressions you can leave on people. 

Because of that, cars in Dubai are considered old or scrapped a lot faster than other countries. If your car has been around for a while, then you might be looking for a scrap car buyer in Dubai. And that’s usually because demand for old but salvageable cars in the UAE is low amongst individual car owners since people are too self-conscious to be driving an old heap of metal even if it is still legal to keep it on the road.

In this article, we’ll show you where you can find scrap car buyers in Dubai as well as the steps needed to do so. We’ll provide you with our pick of who we think the best scrap car buyer in Dubai is as well as other options you can comfortably rely on.

So you’re looking for scrap car buyers in Dubai, where do you start? By first acknowledging the following fact:

There is more than just one type of scrap car buyer in Dubai

There are many scrap car buyers in Dubai. Examples of those are scrap car-buying specialists, car-buying specialists, online auctions, and junkyards. 

The top scrap car buyers in Dubai are:

1) The top scrap car buyers in Dubai: Scrap car buying specialists

If you’re not sure whether car-buying specialists would buy your car or not, or if you just want to save your time, you can go straight to scrap car-buying specialists.

Scrapcarbuying is one of the companies you may go to if your car is nothing but scrap. They have over 10 years of experience in the field, and they’ll buy your car even if it’s been considered total. 

You may also try ScrapXCar. Going by the motto “sell your car no matter its condition,” ScrapXCar is arguably one of the best scrap car buyers in Dubai as well as the oldest one in the market. 

Scrap car buyers have more leniency in the range of cars they buy, but their prices are somewhat lower than regular car buyers. 

2) Car buying specialists

While car-buying specialists in Dubai often buy used cars, they may also buy scrap cars if they have a decent amount of components to salvage. 

You can verify whether such specialists would buy your car or not by visiting their official websites and evaluating your car there.

SellxCar and Sellyourmotors are examples of such specialists. Go to their websites, and enter your car information to see if they would buy it. 

Car buying specialists usually give you good prices, but they can be somewhat picky about the cars they choose to buy when it comes to scrap cars. 

3) Online auctions  

Online auctions are just like regular auctions but the trick is to find a legitimate auction that won’t scam you for money. Cases where individuals walk out with nothing from shady online auctions are not unheard of. 

Copart is an example of such an auction. You can buy, sell, and browse all types of cars and models. 

Online auctions in Dubai are so popular because cars get deserted in Dubai more than in any other country. You may have read or watched sensationalized online pieces about how supercars are left to collect dust, in actuality the stories are very common and apply even to regular cars. 

When cars are found deserted in Dubai, they get impounded by the municipal authority. Vehicle owners are then given 15 days to reclaim their vehicles. If that doesn’t happen, their cars are listed on online auctions and get sold. 

Online auctions have the advantage of selling at a decent price. However, you may end up paying the shipping costs, which can be a lot sometimes. 

4) Junkyards (rely on these scrap car buyers as a last resort)

Junkyards are among the most common final destinations for scrap cars worldwide, not just in Dubai. The price you receive to sell your scrap car will depend on factors like its model, age, size, and how many salvageable components it has.

Once your car is sold to a junkyard, various mechanics will strip it of any useful components if present.

After the car is nothing but scrap metal, the remains get processed/crushed, and then recycled to have their metals used in something else. 

One good thing about junkyards is that they always accept your car regardless of its condition. However, their prices tend to be on the low side.

What happens to old cars in Dubai?

Old cars in Dubai are either collected by scrap car buyers, get scrapped or exported if they’re too old. If they’re still fairly driveable then they are acquired by scrap car buyers who sell them in auctions. The Dubai government won’t register a car if it’s over 15 years old. As such, Dubai has an average car age of just 5.6 years. 

This is to keep the “modern” appearance of motorized vehicles across all streets. That’s why used cars in Dubai are considerably cheaper than in other countries. 

How can I scrap my car in Dubai?

Here are the steps you should take to scrap your car in Dubai:

  1. Decide which means you are going to use to scrap your car.
  2. Reach out to the buyer and agree on a price.
  3. Sign the de-registration document for your car.
  4. Cancel your Salik Tag.
  5. Decide how you will transport the car to the buyer.
  6. Get paid.

3) Decide which means you are going to use to scrap your car

The first step is to decide what kind of buyer you’ll give your car to. This is usually decided by the condition of your car.

For example, if the vehicle is in acceptable condition and you’re selling it to get a newer one, then car-buying specialists will be happy to pay you for it.

Alternatively, if your car is too old or isn’t drivable anymore, you may resort to scrap-buying specialists or junkyards. 

Decide what condition your scrap car is in and proceed accordingly.

2) Reach out to the buyer and agree on a price

Upon deciding, contact the buyer and find out how much they are willing to pay for your car. There is always room for negotiation in these kinds of transactions so don’t shy away from giving a counteroffer and stating your reason for doing so. Once you settle on that, then you’ve completed half the journey. 

3) Sign the de-registration documents

Your vehicle must be deregistered before having it scrapped. Go online to the RTA and sign in with your account. Find the car that you are planning to scrap on the portal, and deregister it from there.

4) Cancel your Salik Tag

Every car that is legally being driven in Dubai has a Salik Tag. You need to cancel this tag before deregistration. To do that, reach out to Salik’s customer service.

5) Decide how will you deliver your car to the buyer

If your car is drivable, you can deliver it to the seller by simply driving it there. However, if the seller is too far away or if your car isn’t safe/legal to drive or inoperable, you’ll have to get it towed/shipped there. 

6) Get paid

As soon as your car gets to its new owner, you must ensure that the payment for the vehicle is completed. There isn’t a preferred payment method, but cash is usually offered for cars with less utility since they are cheaper and smaller sums of money are involved in this kind of deal. 

Scrap car price in Dubai: What are the deciding factors?

Scrap cars in Dubai sell for various prices. The selling prices can be as low as AED 500 or sometimes higher than some new cars. It all depends on the following factors: car age, car condition, and car model.

Car age

The older your car is, the less it’ll be worth as scrap. That’s mostly because the metal would have lost considerable value. Corrosion is also another factor that increases with age. The exception to this are classic cars in Dubai, which usually go up in price the older they are. But it’s worth noting that these cars are usually well maintained and carefully monitored to keep them in an ideal condition.

Car condition

There are different levels to this equation. On one level you have the number of salvageable car parts the car has and the quality of these parts, and on another level you consider solely the metal on the car. In the second case, a car in good condition means a car with good quality metal, which automatically translates into a better price as scrap. 

Car model

Cars aren’t built the same, and some companies invest a lot of quality materials in their cars than others.

Because of that, two cars of the same age that have the same level of wear and tear can be priced differently because of their model type. 

What is the most expensive part of a scrap car?

The most expensive part of a scrap car is the engine. Cars are often automatically classified as scrap cars when their engine becomes inoperable. Oftentimes buying a new engine costs almost as much as buying a replacement car. In these kinds of situations, it’s better to sell the car as scrap. What remains of an engine in these situations constitutes the largest value in a scrap car (if at least some components of it are functional).

While not the most expensive, other honourable mentions are the transmission, exhaust system, wheels, and tires. 

What documents do you need to scrap a car in the UAE?

Here are the documents you’ll need to scrap a car in the UAE:

Scrap car buyers in Dubai: The verdict

Selling your car as scrap in Dubai can be a hassle, but you’ll wrap your head around it quickly. For a seamless process, rely on a car scrapping specialist. As soon as you find a buyer, start by deregistering your vehicle and cancelling its Salik tag. Follow that by getting the car to the buyer, and you’re all set. 

Classic Cars A to Z and scrap car buyers in Dubai

Although Classic Cars A to Z is not a scrap car buyer in Dubai, we can sure point you to the best one. Browse through our blog to find more useful vehicle-related pieces.

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