Sharjah, the third-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, presents various avenues for disposing of non-functional, old, or unwanted vehicles. 

From junkyards to specialized car buying services, this article lists the best scrap car buyers in Sharjah, along with the essential steps that need to be taken to begin the car scrapping process. Gone are the days of worrying about where you’ll get the best deal for your scrap car. Here’s how to identify the best scrap car buyer in Sharjah.

Choosing a scrap car buyer in Sharjah

First off we’ll list the places where you can find scrap car buyers in Sharjah. After that, we’ll give you a few points on how to qualify the right scrap car buyer in Sharjah for your particular case. 

The best places to find scrap car buyers in Sharjah


In Sharjah, there are numerous junkyards scattered around the city where you can take your scrap car for evaluation and sale. 

Certain junkyards, like Scrap Taker and Sama Al Khaleej, specialize in buying old, damaged, or non-functional vehicles for their parts and materials. 

Depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and weight, you may earn somewhere between AED 500 to over AED 2,000 for your scrap vehicle. 

Local car-buying specialists

If you’re in possession of a vehicle that is veering more on the functional side, then exploring local car-buying specialists can be a smart approach. Selling the entire car instead of its individual parts might lead to more favourable pricing outcomes. Some of the UAE’s prominent car-buying specialists like Sell Any Car have branches in Sharjah. Visit their website and try their free car valuation tool to get a rough estimate of your car’s value. Then you should get a call from their team to schedule an inspection. Make it a point to note your vehicle’s condition to save yourself and the car-buying specialist the hassle of wasting time on a dead deal. If your car is favorable to them then they will proceed with the inspection. If not, then proceed to the next section of this blog.

Sharjah car scrap market 

Sharjah has a bustling car scrap market where various buyers and sellers converge to exchange vehicles, parts, and scrap materials. 

This market can be an excellent place to find the highest value for your scrap car, as it attracts both individuals and businesses interested in salvaging components from old vehicles. But beware of going into the market without a proper guide or a background in scrap car buying and selling, the veterans there will have no mercy on you. Furthermore, it’s important to note that you will likely need a towing vehicle to transport your scrap car there if it is not functioning. So factor that into your list of risks and expenditures, because coming back home without selling your scrap car is a very possible scenario.

Scrap car buying specialists from other Emirates

Sharjah has its fair share of car scrap buyers, but if you want the best bang for your buck, don’t limit your options to just those within the city. We saved the best option for last because a good deal can only be realized by analyzing the other available alternatives.

Car buying specialists and salvage yards from other emirates, like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, might be interested in purchasing your scrap car for a potentially higher price. 

One such example is Scrapxcar, a well-known car scrapping specialist that operates in Dubai but extends its services across the entire UAE. Scrapxcar’s mechanics will travel to your location for inspection, evaluation, and purchase. 

Their process is very similar to that of Sell Any Car that we covered above, with the exception that they specialize in the purchase of scrap cars. So lose the “so uhhh my car’s actually not working” script. These guys already know. 

How to Scrap a Car in the UAE 

Scrapping a car in the UAE involves several steps to ensure a smooth legal process. Here’s how: 

Step 1: Cancel Insurance and RTA Services 

If you’re still paying for insurance, make sure to contact your provider and cancel the policy. Most major companies ask policyholders to speak with an insurance agent to cancel, but a select few may require you to sign an insurance cancellation form or letter. 

Then, visit the UAE Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website and deregister your vehicle. 

Step 2: Obtain Necessary Documentation

Most car scrapping services require the following documents to proceed with the transaction:

Step 3: Choose a Licensed Scrapping Company

With your documents ready, you can now reach out to your chosen scrapping company and offer details about the car you wish to scrap. They’ll schedule a visit to inspect the vehicle and provide an offer, or ask you to take the car to their location with a towing service. 

Scrap Car Price in Sharjah

The price range of scrap cars in Sharjah can be as low as AED 500 to potentially higher amounts. Factors that determine the price of a scrap car include: 

Scrap yards usually pay less for scrap cars, often paying per weight rather than the actual value of the component. Specialized car scrap scrapping services, on the other hand, assess the true worth of individual parts and may provide more accurate and competitive compensation for your scrap car. Save yourself the trouble of navigating the greasy scrap car market and rely on a trusted scrap car buying specialist to relieve you of your scrap vehicle, quickly, conveniently, and lucratively.

Classic Cars A to Z and scrap car buyers in Sharjah

Classic Cars A to Z is a vehicle-centered media house with the sole purpose of providing you the reader with the most accurate and unbiased information about car-related matters, in the UAE, the Middle East, and the wider globe. We do not own a business that aims to sell you products or services so we are conveniently positioned to give you an unbiased opinion on anything vehicle-related. At the time of writing this blog and to this date, Classic Cars A to Z does not operate in the buying or selling of scrap cars.

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