Finding quality salvage cars that you can profit from buying and repairing/reselling isn’t easy. Many places sell such cars, but not all of them are trustworthy.

In today’s post, we’ll list the 5 best places to find salvage cars for sale in UAE. 

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Salvage Cars Meaning

For a car to get the “Salvage Car” title, it must be severely damaged, which often happens after a major traffic accident.

While most cars can be repaired, a car becomes a salvage car if the insurance company decides that the cost of repairing said car is more than the car’s value. 


Is It Possible to Buy Abandoned Cars in Dubai?

The short answer is yes. You may buy abandoned cars in Dubai if the owner doesn’t claim them. When the Dubai Municipal Authority finds an abandoned car, it gets impounded and the owner gets contacted if possible.

The owner would then have 15 days to get the car back. If the owner fails to do that without a plausible reason, the car gets auctioned for sale. That’s when you can buy that abandoned vehicle. 

The 5 Best Places to Find Salvage Cars for Sale in UAE / Accident Cars for Sale in UAE

Here are the best places to look for salvage cars for sale in UAE:

1) Scrap Car Buying Specialists  – The best place to find salvage cars for sale in UAE

Some companies in the UAE specialize in buying salvage or scrap cars. Among such companies are ScrapXCar and Scrapcarbuying. These companies have already figured out where to get salvage cars in UAE from en masse. Save yourself the trouble of the search and head on over to these guys to see if they have a few salvage cars they’re willing to part ways with.

If you’re actually seeking to sell a scrap car then these scrap buying specialists will make things super easy for you. Their process is simple; you log into their websites and enter your car’s information (model, year, condition…etc), and then you get an estimate of how much they will pay to buy that car from you. If you acquiesce to the deal then a team will be dispatched to your location to inspect the car and finalize the deal.

2) Online Car Auctions  – The second best place for accident cars for sale in UAE


Online car auctions like Copart are examples of great places to find salvage cars for sale in UAE and regular cars alike. Once you register on the website, you can search for the vehicle you seek according to its model, year, condition, location, damage type…etc. 

3) Car Buying Specialists


Car buying specialists are less likely to have scrap cars because they don’t often buy cars with major damage, but they can still have what you’re looking for nevertheless. 

A company like CarDealUAE has a great chance of having the salvage car you’re looking for because, unlike other car buying specialists which usually focus on buying only, they offer to sell you salvage cars for sale in UAE as well. 

4) Junkyards


Junkyards have a good chance of having salvage cars for sale. Most cars there end up getting stripped of useful parts and eventually crushed for their metal.

However, you can still acquire salvaged cars there if you manage to reach them before they are stripped off. 

5) Sharee Al Madeenah 


Sharee Al Madeenah is one of the most popular places in the UAE that buys and sells scrap cars. They’re located in Sharjah Industrial Area 10.

Besides being able to buy scrap cars from there, buyers will also find towing services easily in that area. The traders there can also handle all your paperwork to make your purchase journey that much easier. 

Can You Buy a Car From a Dubai Scrap Yard?

You can buy cars from Dubai scrap yards, but you must be well aware of what you’re doing to avoid paying more than you should for a scrap car.

Do your research and get a pre-purchase inspection from a qualified mechanic to get the best money value. 

The Verdict

Many dealers and yards are willing to sell salvage cars in the UAE. You may get a fantastic deal out of such cars if you’re willing to work a little on the car you buy.

Check all the options we’ve listed above, find out what works best for you, do your research, and start buying!

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