If you’re a Range Rover owner from Sharjah and in need of spare parts, you’ve come to the right place. 

Selecting the right parts for your Range Rover is a pivotal step in ensuring the continued performance and aesthetics of your luxury vehicle. 

This article lists some of the best places for Range Rover spare parts Sharjah to keep your vehicle running its best. 

Top 5 Providers of Range Rover Spare Parts Sharjah 

Here are some of the most trustworthy suppliers of Range Rover spare parts in the region followed by a brief description of each provider.

Taj Al Fakhama Used Range Rover Parts

Taj Al Fakhama sells OEM and aftermarket parts for Range Rovers, Land Rovers, and Jaguars. 

It sells almost every part imaginable, including cooling systems, electrical components, engines and transmissions, lights, suspensions, and more. 

The shop also sells Range Rover body parts like mirrors, fenders, doors, and windshields. 

Dar al Mansour Range Rover Used Spare Parts 

Dar al Mansour specializes in selling authentic Range Rover OEM parts, with a primary focus on body components like grilles, doors, headlights, tail lights, and bumpers. It also offers a curated collection of brand-new interior parts.  

Al Khaleej Al Arabi Auto Spare Parts  

The Al Khaleej Al Arabi Auto Spare Parts is a hub for genuine auto parts. It mostly deals with common brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, but it also sells a select number of spare parts for certain Range Rovers models. 

Beyond maintenance and repairs, Al Khaleej offers a comprehensive suite of services like worldwide delivery for spare parts, 24/7 sales support, and wholesale deals. 

Beta Auto Spare Parts Centre

The Beta Auto Spare Parts Centre caters to prestigious models like Audi, BMW, Bently, Porsche, Mini Cooper, and Range Rover.

The shop offers an array of products, including body components, exhaust systems, cooling systems, lighting, mirrors, and more. 

With globally accessible pricing and a commitment to quality, Beta Auto’s offerings cater to discerning customers worldwide. It dispatches domestic and international orders within one business day through DHL, Aramex, and UPS. 

Telal Al Khaleej Auto Spares

Established in 1982, the Telal Al Khaleej Auto Spares—not to be confused with the Al Khaleej Al Arabi Auto Spare Parts—is a prominent player in UAE’s spare parts landscape, renowned as one of the nation’s largest importers and distributors of Range Rover spare parts. 

It deals with new and used OEM parts, as well as aftermarket replacement parts and accessories sourced from Japan, Germany, the USA, and Korea. 

Beyond its dedication to Range Rover, Al Khaleej extends its offerings to other luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, and Volkswagen. 

Are Rover Parts Expensive?  

Range Rover parts command a premium in the market, often surpassing the price of mainstream vehicle components by a significant margin. They’re also a bit harder to find due to their specialized nature and exclusivity. 

Aftermarket auto parts are a notably more budget-friendly alternative, potentially saving you up to 60% of the original cost. However, aftermarket parts don’t offer the same quality assurance and compatibility as genuine Land Rover parts. 

Here are the advantages of opting for OEM spare parts:

Are Range Rovers More Expensive to Fix?  

Due to their high-end components and complex features, Range Rovers are among the most expensive vehicles to fix and maintain, alongside Porsche and BMW. 

The average annual costs differ from model to model, but most spend AED 3,000 to AED 7,000 for routine maintenance and up to AED 15,000 in repairs, with some models easily reaching AED 20,000 in replacement parts alone. 

Range Rover Body Parts and Costs 

The cost of Range Rover body parts can vary widely depending on the model, manufacture date, and whether you opt for genuine OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives. Here’s a general overview of the common Range Rover body parts and their potential costs: 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you’re upgrading, repairing, or customizing your Range Rover, the above spare parts centers offer a comprehensive list of services to meet your needs. Their offerings span both genuine OEM components and trusted aftermarket alternatives to accommodate your budget considerations. So, once again, to summarize, here is a list of the providers of Range Rover spare parts Sharjah.

The Best providers for Range Rover spare parts Sharjah are:

  1. Taj Al Fakhama Used Range Rover Parts
  2. Dar al Mansour Range Rover Used Spare Parts
  3. Al Khaleej Al Arabi Auto Spare Parts
  4. Beta Auto Spare Parts Centre
  5. Telal Al Khaleej Auto Spares

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