On Saturday, 15th of July 2023, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mo Alfatih, an Arab vehicle expert and the owner of multiple businesses in the UAE. In his interview, Mo Alfatih delved into the classic car scene in the UAE, the known classic cars in the country, project cars, classic cars vs modern cars, his own story, and much more!

A big thank you to Mo for finding the time in his hectic schedule to talk to us, and giving us his version of the matter. We had a great time sitting with this young entrepreneur and look forward to more sessions with him!

Below are some of the questions we asked Mo and the answers we received from him.

What is the current state of the classic car industry in the UAE?

The classic car industry in the UAE is very much a young one and somewhat small in size. However, the industry enjoys a large number of intense enthusiasts. The vintage car scene in the UAE has been revving up in the past years especially and is expected to boom as with every passing year, new cars are added to the ranks of classic cars. 

The UAE boasts one of the world’s largest ports and therefore a thriving vehicle industry that enables a local classic car scene that usually involves the import of old gems from abroad.

What’s driving the local classic car industry is a need to actually feel the vehicle that one is driving. With the continuing innovation of new options and features in cars and the recent electric vehicle trend, vehicle owners are yearning for the roaring sounds and the feeling that comes with classic cars, while others are looking for an antique to call their own.

What are some important factors to keep in mind when dealing with a project car?

One of the incredibly beautiful journeys one can embark on is the fixing of a damaged car or embarking on a project car. However, its important to be highly selective of the vehicle that is purchase for this. Not all damaged cars are good project cars. There are some details and intracacies that one needs to be fully aware of before embarking on such a journey. And in the case of someone who is doing this for the purpose of selling the car, then one also needs to be well aware of the market needs for such a vehicle. Who will buy this car? Is there a high demand for this car?

Are classic cars more durable than modern cars?

No car is better than another. It cannot be said that classic cars are more durable than newer models, or that newer models are weaker than classic cars. Every car has its own strengths and weaknesses and main selling points. For example, most modern cars are practical, strong, and boast economic fuel use which is what its target market wants. Classic cars on the other hand come with a physical appeal and look that is hard to resist. They are also known for their hefty price tags, and the status they bring to their owner. 

What are the most prevalent classic cars in the UAE?

The most prevalent classic cars in the UAE are German brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo, and there is a less dense population of American brands. Japanese brands such as Nissan also have a presence but they are much less than the aforementioned American and German brands.

What are the rarest classic cars in the UAE?

Some of the rarest cars and most sought-after classic cars in the UAE are American cars and a few German ones. 

A lot of factors determine the status and desirablity of a classic car. From its cleanliness, its mileage, who its previous owner was, and the number of similar models available in the market. Pretty much anything that makes the car more unique drives up its value. An odd look? That helps too.

Who is Mo Alfatih?

Mo Alfatih or Mohamed Alfatih Jaafar Suliaman is the 29 year old owner of multiple car businesses in the UAE among them a car buying company (sellxcar.com), a car scrapping business (scrapxcar.com), and a newer and up-and-coming car rental business (hirexcar.com).

Originally a medical doctor, Mo quit his medical career after two years in the field. Before graduating medical school, Mo Alfatih had a burning passion for all things vehicular and used to engage in car fixes himself as well as involving himself in the occasional buying and selling of cars. 

Back then, Mo used to focus on older Mercedes cars, and that is how Mo’s journey into becoming a businessman started. Initially buying cars in poor condition to maintain them and later sell them again as fully functional vehicles, the idea later transitioned into a company that specializes in the purchase of cars that have been hit in an accident, or have become disabled.

Subsequently Mo launched an enterprise that specializes in the purchase of functioning cars, followed by a car rental business. Mo Alfatih assures us that he is only getting started and is working towards a holistic vehicle business that covers all vehicular needs, from buying, selling, maintaining, detailing, and even importing and shipping vehicles.

Mo has racked up a large following on social media due to the insightful videos he puts out covering insider secrets as well as tips and tricks for car owners. Be sure to follow him on Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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