Buying parts is a sensitive occasion. Doubly so when driving a Mercedes. With little trustworthy information available online regarding how to manoeuvre around Mercedes parts (especially in Sharjah) and what the best practice is when dealing with this German brand, you no longer have to stress. Our Everything To Know About Mercedes Spare Parts Sharjah blog will set you straight.

The Best Place for Mercedes Spare Parts Sharjah

The best place to buy Mercedes Spare Parts in Sharjah is Awawdeh Auto Spare Parts. This is because of their decades of experience and their diverse range of products, brands, and quality levels. From original Mercedes parts to cheap aftermarket alternatives, you’ll find all of it in Awawdeh.

The Top 5 Providers of Mercedes Spare Parts Sharjah

Unbeknownst to most, there are several great places to buy Mercedes Spare Parts in Sharjah. Here is a selection of our top five options. Gone are the days of you having to play Russian roulette with which parts shop you are going to rely on. We do the research so you have one less thing to worry about.

  1. Awawdeh Auto Spare Parts.
  2. Al Nabaa Auto.
  3. Fineland International (AKA Car Parts Dubai).
  4. Beta Auto Parts.
  5. Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC.

1) Awawdeh Auto Spare Parts 


With over 25 years of experience, Awawdeh Auto Parts is the go-to spot in Sharjah for Mercedes and BMW spare parts. Awawdeh sets itself apart by the fact that they provide five different levels of quality for each budget point starting from cheap aftermarkets, to used OEM parts and even brand new OEM parts. When it comes to the range of parts they cover, you name it, they’ve got it. From car body parts to engine and transmission parts, lighting, chassis parts, electrical systems, steering, suspension, cooling, and service parts, they’ve got it all. 

Some of the brands Awawdeh covers range from Bosch, Lemforder, to authentic Mercedes-Benz parts, and 20 other brands. Needless to say, you will find what you are looking for when relying on Awawdeh.

Awawdeh also has a robust online platform for those who’d prefer not to go to the physical store. 

It’s important to note that their location has recently changed. Click here to view their new Sharjah Industrial Area location on Google maps, or call +971 6539 1144 to have your questions answered.

2) Al Nabaa Auto


Although this company deals in much more than simply Mercede-Benz parts, they are one of the most prominent names in the market and their staying on top of tech and development in the market sure helped in maintaining that spot. Apart from genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, Al Nabaa Auto also offers a few aftermarket parts from brands like VAICO, Ate, BEHR, OCAP, Hella, and Elring. The place is known for body parts, suspension parts, engine parts, lubricants, cleaners, dissolvers, lighting parts, batteries, and even car badges. 

Call this spare parts vendor on +971 55 6307233 to enquire about parts and availability or visit their shop in their Sharjah Industrial area location or at their Arabian Gulf Building location

3) Fineland International (Found at


Mainly operating in the sales of BMW and Honda parts, Fineland International sells Mercedes-Benz parts as their third-best option. This parts dealer specializes in affordable goods, so come here if you are facing budget constraints. Their spare parts include AC parts, batteries, bearings, body parts, brake systems, clutch parts, electrical parts, engine cooling systems, engine parts, exhaust systems, fuel systems, lifestyle accessories, lights, lubricants, steering and transmission parts, tyres, wipers, and even used parts. 

Call +971 6 543 21 29 or pay them a visit at their Sharjah Industrial Area shop on this location

4) Beta Auto Parts 


With over two decades of experience in the vehicle parts market, Beta Auto Parts has carved a name for itself in the Sharjah Mercedes parts scene. Although they provide parts for over 10 vehicle brands, Beta Auto is the authorized distributor for popular aftermarket brands such as Magneti Marelli, ULO, Hella, DEPO, Valeo, MAHLE, and DENSO. They also provide a range of Turkish and Chinese aftermarket parts, as well as original Mercedes-Benz parts. 

The company prides itself on its superior quality compared to its reasonable prices and its parts that fit seamlessly with your Mercedes. Offering parts for over 25 Mercedes models, Beta Auto has 383 pages of Mercedes parts on their website meaning they cover any part imaginable in the car. If you can’t find it here, you likely won’t find it anywhere else. Call them on +971 6 533 16 78 to check part availability or visit their branch in the Sharjah Industrial Area at this location.

5) Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC


Another player with over two decades of experience and a network of clients that stretches the globe, Nojoom Sindabaad have distinguished itself in more ways than one. From their quick fulfilment to their superior service guarantee and their competitive pricing, there aren’t many part dealers that do it like Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC. 

Although the brand operates in everything from Japanese, American, and European cars, they do have a nice selection of genuine Mercedes parts as well as aftermarket ones. The funny thing is that Nojoom Sindabaad advertises itself as having a branch in Sharjah but what they are referring to is their shop in Dubai. Yes, the two places are pretty close to each other (it’s only a 30-minute drive from Sharjah to Dubai) but not everyone is willing to make the trip. 

They have a medium range of products that include: Brake discs and rotors, water pumps, brake pads, spark plugs, wheels bearings, alternator suspension parts, fuel pumps, transmission filters, and engine and transmission mountings. 

Call Nijoom Sindabaad at +97143805318 to find out more about their goods and services.

OEM vs. Mercedes Parts

OEM parts or “original equipment manufacturer” parts is a term mistakenly used to mean high-quality parts produced by a brand other than Mercedes. In reality, however, OEM and Mercedes parts are one and the same. Aftermarket parts on the other hand is the correct term for non-original Mercedes parts. Aftermarket parts range from cheap knockoffs to high-quality parts that compete well with OEM parts in terms of quality.

If you would like a 101 on the most used car parts in the UAE, then head over to our Car Parts You Should Know blog.

Can you use aftermarket parts on a Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, you can use aftermarket parts on Mercedes-Benz. But be careful to only buy high-quality aftermarket parts. Knock-offs or cheap aftermarket parts will create more problems than they will solve. If you are unsure of which aftermarket brands are safe to use, then it is best to veer on the side of safety and only purchase OEMs.

When it’s time to replace parts on your Mercedes-Benz, you may be tempted by cheaper aftermarket options. Exercise caution – aftermarket parts can be a hit or miss. While some are of decent quality, others don’t match OEM standards. Low-quality or poor-fitting parts could lead to big problems down the road.

For important components like engines, suspension, and brakes, stick with genuine Mercedes components to ensure optimum performance and safety. It is a tested and tried concept that OEM parts are way more cost-effective in the long term due to their high durability. 

Sure, OEM parts cost more, but they’re specifically designed for your vehicle. So dodge the risky aftermarket route for critical components. Investing in the real deal is worth it to protect your ride and avoid issues.

Is it better to buy OEM or aftermarket?

OEM parts or “original equipment manufacturer” parts (that are produced by your vehicle’s brand) are the pricier but safer option. They ensure that your part will fit seamlessly with your vehicle and guarantee higher quality. Aftermarket parts, although famed for their lower quality and their cutting of corners to arrive at a lower price point, can actually come at high qualities. Their lower price point can be attributed to the economies of scale that come with aftermarket parts being able to fit on more than one brand of vehicle and thus their mass production.

There are also instances where aftermarket parts are found at extremely good qualities (a quality that exceeds that of an OEM some might claim), but at a cheaper price point. 

Nowadays it is more about selecting how much you would like to spend on the part in question as opposed to OEM vs aftermarket. Generally, it is advised to spend good money on all your parts, because that will prolong the life of your vehicle. But when you absolutely have to, you can cheap out on parts that are not directly related to your engine and other vital vehicle components. But be warned, cheaper parts that wear out quickly will most likely also have a negative effect on the parts around them. For example, cheap tires can negatively affect your suspension system. So be careful not to cheap out on a part that’s going to cost you more in the long run.

Using aftermarket parts on Mercedes Cars

It is important to be aware that aftermarket parts can compromise your Mercedes warranty if they cause damage to other parts. And yes it is possible to find an aftermarket part with a close to original quality, but be careful in your research and selection of this spare part. Bad Mercedes aftermarket parts are not exact fits and will very likely do damage to your vehicle. Which begs the question: After having invested a decent amount of money in a powerful brand like Mercedes, why risk the vehicle?

It’s essential to prioritize OEM for critical parts like brake callipers or sensors to ensure optimal performance and durability. However, for less critical components, quality aftermarket parts can save money without compromising safety. It’s crucial to ensure that these aftermarket parts come from a reputable and trusted brand.

Mercedes Benz Body Parts

Your Mercedes is a work of art – maintain its beauty inside and out. When it comes to body parts, go for genuine OEM parts or Mercedes-branded for a flawless fit and finish. Cheap knockoffs can’t match the fit, precision, and luxury of factory components. Insist on excellence to preserve your Benz’s refined aesthetics. For fenders, doors, bumpers, or panels, real Mercedes parts are the royal option. They’re crafted to complement your car’s original look. Work with trusted suppliers like Awadeh for authentic Mercedes body parts that restore your ride’s sophisticated style. Don’t settle for imitations – treat your Benz to genuine Mercedes quality. Proper bodywork maintains the essence of your luxury vehicle.

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