Awab Elamin

Born in the UK, Awab started his career in Sudan as a Data Analyst at DAL Group, one of the country's largest corporations. In his role, he leveraged his expertise to aid the marketing efforts of renowned automotive brands such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and KIA. Throughout his professional tenure, Awab played a crucial role in marketing numerous prominent automotive brands, accumulating a wealth of experience in the automotive sector. He has had the privilege of collaborating closely with subject matter experts and has regularly ventured into independent mechanical fixes for the diverse range of cars he’s operated over the years. Since his early childhood, Awab has nurtured a deep fascination for cars, fueling his admiration for classic automobiles. It is his unwavering passion for this niche that led him to become a writer for Classic Cars A to Z's blog where he shares his knowledge and insights with fellow car enthusiasts.