About us

Classic Cars A to Z is an independently owned media company based in Abu Dhabi. The organization specializes in the research, and publication of vehicle related matters, especially ones revolving around classic and vintage cars.

Fair and Accurate Data:

Our methodology focuses on a data-first approach that prioritizes the accuracy of information and holds a non-discriminatory and unbiased stance against the brands and business we review the products of. 

We Don’t Take Sides:

As we hold no allegiance to any vehicle based or related business (locally and internationally) we are best positioned to provide the masses with the much needed truth the industry seems to lack nowadays. 

For the People; by the People:

In an age where celebrity endorsements, branding, and PR are what sways public opinion, we break the new pattern and provide you the reader with the truth only an independently owned media organization can!

Buying and Selling Classic Cars

We currently DO NOT buy and sell cars. We are simply a media company that provides useful information.

Our team